Welicoruss Metal Kingdom 2022

Founded in 2005 by Alexey Boganov in Siberia (Russia), the band WELICORUSS have since established themselves in the top ranks of the metal scene with intense live gigs and striking, full-length masterpieces that were appreciated by fans and critics alike. Throughout its history the band has released three full-length albums, shot 4 official videos, played in many venues in Russia and Europe, and have participated in many large-scale festivals like Hellfest (France), Ragnarok festival (Germany), Wave Gotik Treffen (Germany), Exit Festival (Serbia) and ect. In the last couple years, WELICORUSS has published videos for “Kharnha”,“Sons of the North” and “Az Esm” on the internet, which received high marks in the press and have stirred up fans’ anticipation for the new album.

WELICORUSS delivers an intense, dark, and mystical sound that succeeds in uniting contemporary metal with the distant mythological past of their ancestors. Their music recreates the solemn and sunless atmosphere of Old Rus’, and expressing their personal perception of the Ancient Northern Rus’ Spirit through their lyrics. Devoted to their pagan heritage, the band’s compositions reflect their admiration of Nature and the search for the hidden powers that rule the Universe.

In the autumn of 2013, the band relocated to the heart of Europe: Prague, CZ. It is here that they have created a fresh start for the band, and it is from here that they hope to bring their music to legions of hungry souls across Europe.

At this time, the band is finished their 4th album “Siberian Heathen Horde”, new high-concept video for the title track of that same album, and are compiling their first ever DVD which captures their bold stage presence, unique live sound and tell us a lot about bio of band and “behind the stage”.